5 Best Ways to a Successful Link Building Campaign

Focusing on link building is an ideal way of improving your SEO. You have to focus on building a linkable asset so that you do not end up getting left behind by the competition. You should also consider varying the linking strategy. Of course, do not forget to ensure that you avoid the low-quality links as these can provide you with the opposite result of what you are aiming for.

With proper link building, you can definitely achieve the ideal website ranking necessary for better conversion and profit. Experimenting every now and then while hunting for high quality links. Do not settle for what already worked today as that may not work the same way tomorrow. Experimenting is a good thing if you want to ensure that your link building strategy works.

Here are some things you can take advantage of when you are link building.

1. Pagerank.

page rankingIndeed, the Pagerank is an important element in search engine optimization. You have to aim to get incoming links from those websites that rank high in the search engine results page. The higher the page rank, the more frequently the website is crawled. Of course, that does not mean you have to trust page ranks blindly. It is just a good indicator.

2. Contextual Link in a Text and Surrounded by Text.

Navigation arrays which are normally surround by texts Google can spot easily will help a lot in the link building campaign. Try to get a link from within a page’s actual content then. This makes the links look more natural, after all. The surrounding text of the link should be relevant to your website. Generating the links this way means you have to write excellent quality content. People will be forced to link to your website when you take advantage of this particular method.

3. Anchor Text.

It is simply a text within the link. If you want to rank for a keyword and you already have an SEO-optimized page just waiting to receive links, then consider getting a link with your actual desired keyword or keyword phrase included in the link. Of course, do not abuse the anchor text. You will receive penalties from Google if you abuse the usage of anchor text nowadays.Anchor Text

4. Relevance or Theme.

Knowing how relevant the page linking to you is will help you with your link building campaign. In this case, the best example would be when you have a car company website. You would definitely want a link from a page with content that relates well to your website. Car-related content can generally provide good quality links for your car company website. The types of websites that link to you will also affect your reputation.

5. Trust Factor.

The website that you want to get a link from should pass the trust factor. The trusted websites actually rank high in Google since they are trusted. The trusted websites have authority in their field. When it comes to link building, you can get assurance of a positive result due to the fact that trusted websites rarely link to those spammy websites. Their links are only toward the high quality, related websites. Obtaining a link from trustworthy websites is worth a lot.

There are still a lot of other methods that a person can do to be able to establish a working link building strategy. It will be to your advantage if you make good use of these methods. Most importantly though, the positive results these link building methods bring will surely help with increasing your conversion rate as well as your profit.